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Long commutes can be bad for your health

August 3, 2017

Recent research has discovered that long commutes to work can cause depression, obesity and money worries. The research was undertaken by Vitality Health and its partners – the University of Cambridge, RAND Europe and Mercer*. They surveyed over 34,000 workers and identified links to health and well-being, obesity, money worries and even depression.

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Blended Learning and Flipped Classrooms Demand New Video Camera Solution

July 12, 2017

By 2025 the number of students around the globe enrolled in higher education is forecast to reach a massive 262 million! Add to this the trend towards the adoption of blended learning, flipped classrooms and e-learning strategies and it’s not surprising that demand for video in the lecture theatre, the classroom and in study rooms is growing fast. For these new learning strategies to be effective they must enable students and lecturers to

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Last day to see the PanaCast in action at InfoComm 2017

June 16, 2017

If you are at InfoComm 2017 or thinking of heading there, then today is the last day of this fantastic event. The Exhibition Hall closes at 4pm today, so there is still time to pop along to the Altia Systems Stand - Booth No.3770 and watch the PanaCast team demonstrate the PanaCast camera. You can also take part in a live webinar from the InfoComm show floor, which starts at 1pm local time.

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Super-Fast European Delivery for the PanaCast 2 Camera

May 19, 2017

Great News Super-Fast European Delivery for the PanaCast 2 Camera! The PanaCast 2 Camera, the world’s first 180° 4K plug-and-play video camera for personal and room-based video communications, is now available from stock in Europe and ready for immediate shipping. Orders cleared before 12-noon UK time will normally be shipped that same day. Standard delivery for UK orders is next working day and

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PanaCast 2 demonstrated at the Royal Society of Medicine Technology Showcase

April 28, 2017

This week, I was delighted to be asked by the Royal Society of Medicine in central London to demonstrate the PanaCast 2 camera system with Intelligent Zoom. The Technology Showcase Day was organised by Kevin McLoughlin, Audio Visual Manager at the Royal Society of Medicine, who invited 13 companies to demonstrate and present their emerging, innovative technologies. Presentations included new solutions in virtual reality, digital signage, lectu

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Happy Easter!

April 11, 2017

Happy Easter! I just wanted to say to everyone who is celebrating this week ........ A Very Happy Easter! I hope you have a good break and the sun shines for you! The Intermedia office will be shut on the following days: Good Friday - 14 April  Easter Monday - 17 April We will be open again on Tuesday 18 April.  Best Regards,

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The PanaCast 2 Camera System could save you time and money

March 24, 2017

These days it seems that every time you get in your car you are faced with traffic jams, road works and unpredictable incidents. In fact, UK drivers spend an average of 30 hours a year in traffic congestion, with Londoners spending a whopping 100 hours! But drivers in Belgium get an even worse deal, as Belgium is Europe’s most gridlocked country with drivers spending an average of 44 hours a year in traffic jams! Being stuck in traffic is

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Is this your experience of a video conference meeting?

March 16, 2017

If you work for an organisation, whether an SME or a large corporate, you'll probably have colleagues based in lots of different locations so you will know first-hand how frustrating it can be if you don't have the right video conference equipment in place for your meeting! You may have experienced one or all of the following: Your meeting not being as productive as it could be Not being able to see any documents or p

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The PanaCast2 – a video camera suitable for all locations!

March 1, 2017

The PanaCast2 - a video camera suitable for all locations! These days it seems that dispersed team working or virtual teams are becoming commonplace, as organisations look for varied ways to become more competitive and find new ways to provide flexible working for their employees.  As with anything there are advantages and disadvantages. Enabling people to communicate successfully at meetings when in different locations and time zones

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Lots of interest in the PanaCast 2 with Intelligent Zoom at ISE 2017

February 15, 2017

Wow, that was the week that was! Back from Amsterdam after an amazing four days at the 14th annual ISE event. The world’s largest AV and systems integration show held at the RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre, was once again a resounding success for us. More attendees visited the show than ever before and the 1,100+ exhibitors were spread out over the largest floor space to date. The show was buzzing and it was great to meet

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ISE 2017 in Amsterdam finishes today – another sucessful event

February 10, 2017

I just wanted to say that ISE 2017 was once again a great event.  Now in its 14th year, it gets better and better each time. The show was buzzing and it was great to meet so many new and returning customers at the Altia Stand. There was lots of interest in our PanaCast 2 camera system with Intelligent Zoom. You can find more details regarding the PanaCast 2 and how to contact me on our website. If you didn't make it to the show and y

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The stunning PanaCast 2s has its European début in Amsterdam this week at ISE 2017

February 8, 2017

We are very excited to announce that the World’s First Software-Defined 7.4 Megapixel 180° Video Camera and winner of the CES 2017 Innovation Award will be on show at ISE 2017 in Amsterdam this week, February 7-10 PanaCast 2s is a powerful software-defined video camera that enhances and extends the functionality of the PanaCast 2 panoramic camera. It delivers 7.4 Megapixel panoramic video with real-time video stitching, delivering a 180º w

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Millennials and the Huddle Room

February 2, 2017

Millennials and the Huddle Room Now, I’m not a Millennial (I wish) but my three daughters are. They’re part of the first generation to have a computer in the home while they were growing up. For my eldest daughters, that meant an Atari 800 or a BBC Computer and loading games from an audio cassette tape recorder. But my youngest has never known a world

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A Video Conference Call in Real Life

January 27, 2017

A Video Conference Call in Real Life If you've ever been part of a video conference call at work, involving lots of colleagues in different locations and time zones, then please watch this short video.  It will all seem very familiar to you! Enjoyable as the video is.... you will know how frustrating a conference call like this can be. But it doesn't have to be like this! A Video Conference Call in Real Life...

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There may be light at the end of the tunnel

January 16, 2017

The end to the Southern Rail strikes is not looking imminent. Around 300,000 passengers use Southern services each day (many of whom are commuting into London). So we started to think about some of the positives of not travelling by train to work if you are one of the hundreds of thousands affected, which should hopefully reduce your stress levels. Avoiding germs The average office desk is home to 400 times more bacteria th

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DEATH of the PTZ

January 5, 2017

The original reason the PTZ or pan, tilt, zoom camera was introduced is so far back in the mists of time, almost everyone has forgotten what it was. Actually, the PTZ was always an irrelevance or, at the very least, a poor use of funds so why, in this modern age, do we keep buying them? Habit mainly, because the original need has long gone and, with the use of new technology, the tyranny of the PTZ may be happily consigned to history where it

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”Organisations in 36 countries are using PanaCast 2 daily to improve their communication and productivity.

Over 75 universities are now adopting the PanaCast 2 for lecture capture and huddle room deployments.”

What our clients say!

  • “(PanaCast 2) is a very different form factor than the usual 1080p camera that we are using elsewhere in the lab. You can see it has no seams and it’s a very good picture quality.”

    ScobleFuturist / Rackspace

  • “PanaCast…actually seems like something that would be both fun and exceedingly useful.”

    SeoWriter / TechCrunch

  • “The actual image captured by the camera when we tried it in a lecture theatre (300+ seat) was perfect. Every seat in frame, handled the lighting conditions well, good focus, seamlessly stitched. Very impressed.”

    Geoff Lambert
    Sr. Project Manager of IT & Digital Services / University of Western Sydney

  • “… a great improvement over standard video chat experiences.” Read article

    Michael Gorman
    Editor-in-Chief / Engadget

  • “The panoramic view allowed me to see all five remote participants at the same time, and the 4k resolution provided great visual detail – allowing me to feel ‘connected’ to everyone in the meeting.”

    Ira M. Weinstein
    Senior Analyst & Partner / Wainhouse Research

  • “We chose the PanaCast 2 video camera because it gives an immersive sense of participation to remote meeting participants. With PanaCast 2, there is no need to squeeze together to get into the scene or waste time panning and zooming like with a typical conference room camera.”

    Jolean De KortJolean De Kort
    Director Employee Technology / GoDaddy

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